Chicago’s Neighborhood Landmarks with a Greeter!

Chicago is a city of many neighborhoods each with its own unique character. On September 8th visitors will have a chance to take advantage of several guided Greeter walks of a selection of Chicago’s neighborhoods and downtown locations leaving from Millennium Park Chase Promenade, 10am-3pm. Greeters will accompany visitors to central locations within each area, and help to discover some of the neighborhood’s hidden gems and historic past.
The purpose of this event is not only to celebrate the diversity of Chicago’s neighborhoods, but also to welcome visitors to share and learn about global cultures, traditions and architectural wonders. Chicago Greeter is grateful for this opportunity to celebrate along with several other international cities all the unforgettable guest experiences that have been created through the Global Greeter Network.

Open for: Public, Our Greeters
Date/Time: 2018-09-08, 10am-3pm CST