Aisne: Greeters reunion

Aisne Greeters and their 43 volonteers in the Aisne department, will organize greets in the countryside near Soissons (big farms, castle and a blockhaus from the 2nd WW), in the Region of Aisne, which is the biggest Greeter area in the world. The greeters will show their city or village to the other Greeters and visitors.

Aisne Greeters invites their volonteers for a diner all together in the evening in a good restaurant.

Date/Time: 2018-09-21, 2.30 pm

Hamburg: Scavenger hunt

Hamburg Greeters - Scavenger huntHamburg Greeters organize a scavenger hunt through Hamburg city center for the public.
Each group will consist of 4 to 8 members, depending on the total number of attendees. Each group will be given a city map and a set of questions, divided into 7 sections for different parts of the city center. The questions are related to Hamburg’s history, architecture and famous citizens of past and present.
It will take about three hours until the first groups will arrive for a final meeting at a certain garden pub.

Date/Time: 2017-09-15, 2 pm