The Greeter idea

The Greeter idea was born 1992 in New York when Lynn Brooks initiated “Big Apple Greeters” and since then has been set up in more than 130 cities and regions across the whole world, from Argentina to Vietnam. Learn more about Lynn Brooks and the history of the Greeter idea.
All destinations share the same core values.
Greeters welcome visitors to their city and take them on a personal, two- to three-hour walk showing them the city beyond the guide books and off the beaten track.
Greeters are volunteers who love their city or region and are keen to share with you their enthusiasm and knowledge about the city or region.
During your walk, you’ll discover the city on foot or using public transport network. Whether you’re visiting a city for the first time, or are a regular visitor, we welcome you to our city and look forward to showing you a part of “our” city.
Discover our cities behind the scenes; hear what it’s like to live here; catch up on the latest city gossip and get to know the place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Come as a guest – leave as a friend!

Our structure
In bi-annual meetings the members of the Global Greeter Network  discuss and decide about their common project.The GGN board currently consists of five members:

  • Katie Law


  • Klaus Bostelmann


  • Joaquin Brenman

    Buenos Aires

  • Françoise Deygout


  • Emilie Herssens


  • Diana Hounslow


Katie Law, Chicago – Chair |
Klaus Bostelmann, Hamburg – Secretary |
Joaquin Brenman, Buenos Aires |
Françoise Deygout, Paris |
Emilie Herssens, Brussels |
Diana Hounslow, Pas-de-Calais |

New destinations are welcomed. Just read detailed information here and use our new destination form.

Please use the contact form to send us your comments or use to reach out for all board members.