Would you like to see the northern part of Bremen? With its quarters Blumental, Vegesack and Burglesum through the eyes of a local?
Do you want to hear exciting stories you would never find in a normal travel guide? Do you want to know how Bremen works and how it feels to live in Bremen-Nord?


Darmstadt Greeters
See our city of science, with international institutions, significant schools and universities with the eyes of Darmstadt Greeters. Also, it may soon become part of the UNESCO world heritage sites, given its status as an Art Nouveau city, with its Art Nouveau historic district.
Darmstadt prides itself on being a green city.  Being close to the Odenwald and the Bergstaße, Darmstadt offers tremendous hiking opportunities.
The Darmstadt Greeters would be happy to introduce you to their city.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Darmstadt Greets are offered in German and English, contact us to find out more.


Fulda Greeters – Baroque town Fulda is full of hospitable people and rich of points of interest. Located in the heart of Germany it is a popular destination. During your Greet you will face numerous sights: the imposing Cathedral, pictorial Old Town and the Residence. Even off the beaten tracks you will find interesting spots. Frame houses, hidden gems, flourishing gardens and parks, handicraft business, courtyards, restaurants und cafés will invite you to stay.


Mainz GreetersMainz, that is the city of Gutenberg, historical Roman city and young university town, Great Wine Capital together with the region Rheinhessen, cathedral city, hotspot of carnival and creative start-up city. Mainz is diverse, just like our greets. We love our city and hope, you will go home as a Mainz enthusiast!


Have you ever wanted to see a European city that is arranged in squares?
The Mannheim Greeters are waiting to show you their Squares that stretch from the river Neckar to Europe’s second largest baroque palace after Versailles that nowadays accommodatesthe Mannheim University.


Founded in 915 BC as “Stuotgarten”. 1519 described as “Stuttgart – the name the swabian people gave to paradise” by Ulrich von Hutten. Today: Big city, surrounded by forests and vines, located in a valley basin, cosmopolitan, well connected.