L’Aisne is just one hour north-east of Paris, on the road to Brussels or London. In addition to its rich natural environment, it has one of the biggest and most important cultural heritages in France, and warm and welcoming residents.


Alençon pic

Alençon is an exciting city punctuated by more than 350 events each year.

Gateway to Normandy, come to discover the city of the Dukes.

The city became the seat of a dukedom in 1415, belonging to the sons of the King of France until the French Revolution, and some of them played important roles in French history: see Duke of Alençon.


Amiens and Amiènois conceal hidden treasures.
One of the locals is waiting for you as a friend for a stroll. He/she will make you discover the city, transmit the good plans and advices and will reveal the gourmet specialties and where to taste them.
You will be pleasantly surprised by this quiet city which is worth the detour and deserves the return! As Jules Verne wrote to one of his friends: “On the desire of my wife, I settle in Amiens, a wise city, policed in the same mood”. Sign Up for a Greet!

Béziers Méditerranée

On the seaside, in the vineyards, on the famous Canal du Midi or downtown Béziers : come and explore Béziers Méditerranée . Whether you are a shopping addict, an extreme sports lover, willing to discover our local heritage, walking or cycling, we have the perfect Greeter for you!


Meet one of our Greeters and discover the environment of the Loire Valley, in a new way, far from touristic clichés!
The themes of the visits are varied, and are aimed at providing an enriching human exchange of cultures.
If you are interested in discovering our region differently, please choose the visit! We will find the greeter.


Bordeaux Greeters
Bordeaux is the epicentre of the ‘Bordelais’ area, nearly sixty kilometers from ocean, ‘Aquitaine’ capital city, lying on the banks of Garonne river, Bordeaux has kept its theatre scenery, its secret atmosphere and its kind of haughty pride, often rebellious against Paris.

Its fortune and extend are linked to its wines and port. Local soils, climate and knowledge of ‘vignerons’ bring one of the best ‘crus’ in the world.


Boulogne adjoins Paris and is, of course, connected quickly and easily by the Paris Metro. Some years back the city of Billancourt joined Boulogne, which became the second city of Ile-de-France after Paris. Then it became officially Boulogne-Billancourt,though we still call it Boulogne!


Chartres GreetersChartres embarks on the Greeter adventure!
Come discover Chartres with people who are in love with this beautiful city, visit the places they enjoy.
The watchwords during these walks are: sharing, exchange and enjoyment.
At the end of the walk, you will see Chartres in a new light, beyond its famous cathedral and medieval city.

La Baule

Greeters La BauleRanked amongst the most beautiful bays in the world, the 9km of golden sands of the bay of La Baule Escoublac offers a playground on an amazing scale. Above and beyond the beach our Greeters like nothing better than to share with you their love and enthusiasm for our town and its surrounding area. They are just waiting give you an insight into the many treasures, their ‘secret places’ and anecdotes…

La Creuse

In the heart of France, this area is rich in unspoiled nature, a protected environment where our Greeters invite you to discover its treasures: the beautiful Valley of the Impressionist Painters, Aubusson tapestry classified, Heritage Unesco intangible, gastronomy .

Le Havre

In July 2005, the UNESCO organisation gave Le Havre centre, rebuilt by Auguste Perret, the World Heritage status. Perret succeeded in bringing together classical tradition and a strong willing to build modern style, to reinvent on 133 hectares, a unique city where architecture is readable, light harmonious and strongly innovative. Ask a greeter to welcome you there.

Loix – Ile de Ré

Loix is a peninsula on the island Ile de Ré known for its protected and authentic environment. You will take a beautiful road crossing salt marches and following the typical bicycle-lanes of the island before discovering the rich cultural heritage of thissmall village.


Keen to get off the beaten track and explore Nancy’s hidden secrets?
Nancy Greeters will show you the numerous faces of our beautiful city, known for its UNESCO world heritage thanks to the famous Place Stanislas, and as a main center for Art Nouveau (Modern Style).


Greeters NantesThe Nantes Greeters, inhabitants of Nantes and surrounding area, who love the place they live in, are open to other cultures, of all ages and backgrounds, are volunteering to give up some of their spare time to meet with you and show you round the town and the surrounding area, depending on your interests and tastes.


Nice, an authentic city bubbling with excitement…
Find out more from a Greeter about the different aspects of the city : everyday life, local cooking, parks and gardens, new projects, particularly in the field of sustainable development…

Nord Region

Greeters LilleThe north of France is shaped by history. Most historical periods are still readable in landscapes. Incomparable cathedrals spring out in the scenery mixed with royal residencies or remembering spots from first world war..
Lille, in flander county, a region criss-crossed by numerous canals and spotted by wind mills, is a city with au rich cultural heritage and a marvelous “Beaux Arts” Museum. Flamish architecture is also everywhere in Artois county. Ask greeters to let you discover all these marvels.


Orleans is one of the oldest cities in France. Located on the banks of the Loire between Beauce and Gatinais, Forêt d’Orléans and Etangs de Sologne, it combines a prestigious environment with an history rich of events.
Through the passionate eyes of Orleans, discover the little story, that of everyday …


The Paris Greeters are volunteer ambassadors of their city.
They have the passionate desire to show it to visitors from all over the world. They offer them free walks around Paris and its surrounding districts. Meetings between local residents and visitors are based upon a shared experience and mutual discovery of one another and their respective cultures.


Greeters Pas-de-Calais“Greeters made in Pas-de-Calais” is an initiative of the Pas-de-Calais Tourist Board, based on a concept from New York ”the Big Apple Greeters”, who offer tourists the opportunity to meet with a local inhabitant who shows him around and speaks to him about “his” neighbourhood, “his” town

Pays des Herbiers

Stroll through the villages and alleys or take secular hollow paths, then traverse verdant and undulating landscapes typical of the bocage and finally discover an heritage in many facets. Castles and windmills played their role during the Vendée Wars, but also an industrial heritage inherited from the early twentieth century makes the identity and landscape of the Pays des Herbiers, lands of Puy du Fou®


Politiker Greeters
As a roman Capital or a university city, Poitiers can claim for 2000 years of histoiry written and woven in its current landscape. Bathed with two rivers, ‘le Clain’ and ‘la Boivre’, the Poitiers headland welcome its visitors in an historical center full of character. The green of its valeys, parks and gardens, its market places and lively crowd come to light along streets and pathes. The city, its districts and environments come to the eyes of people taking time to discover them… with a greeter for sure!


Rennes, Brittany’s capital, the iodeal place for your next short stay!
Among the attractions of this dynamic, lively city are a rich and diverse architectural heritage, charming mediaeval streets, a large pedestrian area perfect for a stroll, the quality and variety of its shops and the conviviality of its many restaurants. Rennes, have a lot of facets to show.

Sélestat Alsace

Town of traditions, humanist city ; with its discreet charm and its exceptional heritage, Sélestat will amaze you. Bound to its customs an regional roots, this town fascinates the visitors at very first sight tanks to its own history which unveils at each street corner over the different seasons.


Toulouse GreetersAs an active and modern city, Toulouse is known as the « tiny Barcelone » by its 90 000 students that represent a fourth of its population. The town has a high reputation for its inborn taste to party. From Spain, it takes long “apperitif” time with tapas taken ‘en terrasse”, naps in sunny parks, festive and friendly lunches and musical and artistic festivals. Greeters will help you to discover and choose among all the different aspect and programs offered by the city.

Vallée de Munster

The Valley of Munster is a mountain community of 16 towns and villages over an area of 30 square kilometers.
The valley is located in the northeast of France, in Alsace,and is situated 18 kilometers from Colmar, Frédéric Bartholdi’s hometown, and 64 kilometers from Strasbourg, the European Capital.


Greeters Var-Provence, Toulon
Come and discover Toulon and provencal villages around. Live a while as a kid of the bay “minot de la rade”, or as a “fada de Besagne”, (son of Besagne, a local) ! Come and walk on the Rugby Club legends avenue, meet us to share culture, culinary specialties or to contemplate gorgeous sceneries.
Var Provence greeters will welcome you and will be more than happy to show you their favorite spots.


Versailles: a worldwide known Palace… Did you know Versailles is not only the Sun King city but an example of French traditions and refinement?
The historic ‘old’ town is where you will learn about the French Revolution that started in the real royal Tennis Court.