Website requirements

GGN members´ websites must satisfy the following requirements:

1. The website URL contains

  • The name of your city or region
  • The word “greeters”
  • The extension of your country (e.g. .fr, .uk). Alternatively, you can use an extension like .net, .org or .info
  • Dots or hyphens in the URL are allowed to make the name more readable
  • This will lead to an URL similar to www.yourtown.greeters.extension

 2. Global Greeter Network logo

  • If you run under the GGN banner you must prominently show the GGN logo on your website
  • The GGN logo must be on every page of the website
  • The logo should be visible without scrolling
  • The size of the logo is 160 x 135 pixels with a resolution of at least 72 dpi
  • The logo must link to
  • The logo is completely visible (no illustration on top or behind)

The GGN logo is available on request

 3. Languages

As English is the language we use among the members of the GGN, we ask you to have your website at least in English. Of course it is completely up to you to have the website available in more languages!

 4. Core values

All members must not only adhere to the GGN core values but also promote them. Your website must prominently link (i.e. within the main menu or with an extra button on the front page) to the core values on the GGN website.

You can achieve this by inserting the Core values on your website or linking to the page metnioned above.

5. Facebook

Facebook is an important information channel – both among Greeter managers and Greeters worldwide. That is why we ask you to let at least one of your network managers be member of the Facebook group “GGN Network Managers”.

We encourage you to invite your (future) Greeters to become part of the worldwide community of Greeters and to have a Facebook fan page for your destination.