Start a Destination

Do you plan to start a  new Greeter destination?

It is great that you are interested to start a new Greeter destination in your city or region!
We are here to assist and can guide you through the process from start to finish; it is easier then you may think…
The Global Greeter Network (GGN) – an informal and democratic organization of Greeter destinations around the world – asks new members to meet with only four requirements:

  • Agree to the GGN core values
    The GGN core values describe what Greeters around the world stand for. With the final membership application this document has to be accepted formally.
    You can find the GGN core values this page.
  • Start with a minimum of five Greeters
    A minimum of five Greeters (or three for the start) secures the stability of the local Greeter service.
    This requirement may sound daunting but in our experience you will have no problems getting five Greeters together. You will be surprised how many of your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors will find the Greeter concept fascinating and therefore willing to participate.
  • Create a dedicated website
    You can either build your own dedicated webpage or ask GGN for help.
  • Join Facebook group “GGN network managers”
    A closed Facebook group “GGN network managers” is a priority channel for changing information among Greeter destinations and between GGN Board and members.

So take the first step in the GGN journey and we will help you as much as we can…

Please fill out our contact form and we will soon be back with all the information and help you need!

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