Belgrade is changing and developing in a great pace and quality. A city that welcomes everybody, a city that will leave nobody indifferent.
Belgrade a city of many cultures, a city of sports and leisure, a city of festivals & music, and of course Belgrade has Europe’s best nightlife and fun …an inexhaustible source of energy.


Welcome to Kragujevac, the cradle of modern Serbia!
Experience the city located in the center of Serbia, surrounded by the preserved natural beauties of Sumadija. See where modern Serbian state is born and where most of the state institutions were established.


Niš, as a multicultural town, offers a varietyof things to see. It is a place where the old clashes with the new, the place where the Orient meets the Roman culture, where you can roam through the old, authentic, cobbled streets, visit a countless number of kafanas and have a sip of a well-known Serbian drink (rakia).


Greeters Vranje Serbia

Vranje is a historically and culturally important city located in the Pcinja District in southeast Serbia.

The city is home to many of the country’s oldest and most significant historical monuments and religious buildings, including Prohor Pcinjski Monastery, Pasha’s house, White bridge and Holy Trinity church.