The Greeters of the Pays de Charleroi welcome you!
This multifaceted region combines the largest metropolis in Wallonia and a vast green landscape of unimaginable beauty, intense history and a countryside of traditions. Charleroi offers all the benefits of a large city: its hotels, shopping centres and major museums, especially the largest Photography museum in Europe.
The region has recognised “UNESCO World Heritage” sites: the belfry of Charleroi, the Bois du Cazier, not to mention immaterial world heritage: the Marche La Madeleine.
The Charleroi Greeters welcome you to share their passion for the city/province during an authentic, genuine and free encounter.


Hoegaarden Greeters

Although we are one of the smallest villages in Belgium, the Hoegaarden Beer is famous around the world.
In the 18th century our village counted 40 breweries.   Our greeters can tell you all about it.
But there is much more… all the hidden treasures… nice places…   natural and agricultural landscapes… and all the unwritten stories.
Come, taste and experience it yourself.
We are looking forward to welcome you. Cheers !