Komm als Gast, geh als Freund!

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  • Was

    Das GGN ist das Netzwerk der nonprofit Greeter Destinationen rund um die Welt.

  • Wo

    Rund um die Welt bieten wir persönliche, private Rundgänge mit Einheimischen durch ihre Städte an.

  • Wie

    Jede Destination bietet ihre Rundgänge absolut kostenlos an.

  • Wer

    Einheimische Freiwillige bieten die Rundgänge für Einzeltouristen oder kleine Gruppen bis zu 6 Personen an.

  • Warum

    Greeter sind das freundliche Gesicht für die Gäste ihrer Stadt.

Eine wachsende Community rund um die Welt

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N'oubliez pas ! Retrouvez Bernard, de Marseille Provence Greeters, dans le reportage inédit "Marseille, elle est pas belle la vie ?" Samedi 20 janvier 2018 à 13h30 sur TF1

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Today's report is from Greeter Cheryl. "On Monday 15th January I meet with Allen Weingest, his wife Harriet and his best friend Richard (all from NYC USA) for a great day of exploring Sydney. We met at Museum Station and walked down historic Macquarie St and through the Botanic Gardens to Mrs Macquarie's Chair. From there it was on to the Opera House and The Rocks with plenty of photo opportunities along the way. We walked across the Harbour Bridge to the halfway point. We then spent a leisurely lunch discussing their plans to drive the Blue Mountains and to Melbourne later in the week. With the old-fashioned paper map, we planned toilet stops, cafes, petrol stations and beautiful beaches. With their batteries recharged, we walked back to the Quay, and they boarded a ferry to Manly in the late afternoon to finish off their day. My sister and her 18-year-old daughter were in the city and joined us for lunch, and my guests loved asking many questions of my niece to get a teenagers perspective of growing up in Australia. #SydneyGreeters #IloveSydney The Global Greeter Network

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12th, January, Friday I greeted nice family from Australia. We visited Gino-Shirakawa, Yasaka-shrine, Sanneizaka, Ninenzaka, Kenninji. We walked Gion area. They enjoyed Japanese culture. Dinner is Teppanyaki. Thank you.

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