L’Aisne is just one hour north-east of Paris, on the road to Brussels or London. In addition to its rich natural environment, it has one of the biggest and most important cultural heritages in France, and warm and welcoming residents.

Aisne: Greeters reunion

Aisne Greeters and their 43 volonteers in the Aisne department, will organize greets in the countryside near Soissons (big farms, castle and a blockhaus from the 2nd WW), in the Region of Aisne, which is the biggest Greeter area in the world. The greeters will show their city or village to the other Greeters and visitors.

Aisne Greeters invites their volonteers for a diner all together in the evening in a good restaurant.

Date/Time: 2018-09-21, 2.30 pm


Alençon pic
Alençon is an exciting city punctuated by more than 350 events each year.

Gateway to Normandy, come to discover the city of the Dukes.

The city became the seat of a dukedom in 1415, belonging to the sons of the King of France until the French Revolution, and some of them played important roles in French history: see Duke of Alençon.


Amiens and Amiènois conceal hidden treasures.
One of the locals is waiting for you as a friend for a stroll. He/she will make you discover the city, transmit the good plans and advices and will reveal the gourmet specialties and where to taste them.
You will be pleasantly surprised by this quiet city which is worth the detour and deserves the return! As Jules Verne wrote to one of his friends: “On the desire of my wife, I settle in Amiens, a wise city, policed in the same mood”. Sign Up for a Greet!


bilbao greet
Bilbao is a vigorous service city that is experiencing an ongoing social, economic, and aesthetic revitalization process, started by the iconic Bilbao Guggenheim Museum< Tourist arrivals registered a continued upward trend, reaching over 615,000 visitors in 2009. The trend was exponential considering that in 1995, Bilbao only counted 25,000 tourists. Bilbao also hosts 31% of the total Basque Country visitors, being the top destination of this autonomous community, outranking San Sebastián.


Meet one of our Greeters and discover the environment of the Loire Valley, in a new way, far from touristic clichés!
The themes of the visits are varied, and are aimed at providing an enriching human exchange of cultures.
If you are interested in discovering our region differently, please choose the visit! We will find the greeter.


Bordeaux Greeters
Bordeaux is the epicentre of the ‘Bordelais’ area, nearly sixty kilometers from ocean, ‘Aquitaine’ capital city, lying on the banks of Garonne river, Bordeaux has kept its theatre scenery, its secret atmosphere and its kind of haughty pride, often rebellious against Paris.

Its fortune and extend are linked to its wines and port. Local soils, climate and knowledge of ‘vignerons’ bring one of the best ‘crus’ in the world.


Boulogne adjoins Paris and is, of course, connected quickly and easily by the Paris Metro. Some years back the city of Billancourt joined Boulogne, which became the second city of Ile-de-France after Paris. Then it became officially Boulogne-Billancourt,though we still call it Boulogne!


Would you like to see the northern part of Bremen? With its quarters Blumental, Vegesack and Burglesum through the eyes of a local?
Do you want to hear exciting stories you would never find in a normal travel guide? Do you want to know how Bremen works and how it feels to live in Bremen-Nord?

Brisbane Greeters, 2018-11-09: Greeter Sue out exploring Brisbane

Greeter Sue out exploring Brisbane with her visitors stopping by the Old Government House Brisbane 🌞
Our greeters love welcoming visitors from all over the world. Book in a greeters choice and experience with one of our local Greeters a fascinating journey around Brisbane! 🌏
#brisbanegreeters #brisbaneanyday #thisisqueensland
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Brisbane Greeters: Another day, another adventure

Another day another adventure. Brisbane Greeter JJ with visitors from Germany, UK and Canada! 🇦🇺🇩🇪🇬🇧🇨🇦
Old Government house has the coveted title of being the birth place of the much loved Lamington. Legend has it that this sweet treat was named after Lord Lamington who served as Queensland Governor General from 1896 to 1901 🍰
#brisbanegreeters #brisbaneanyday #thisisqueensland
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Brisbane Greeters: Greeter Gaill and her visitors

Greeter Gaill and her visitors learning the history behind St Stephens Cathedral 🌞
Our greeters love welcoming visitors from all over the world. Book in a greeters choice and experience with one of our local Greeters a fascinating journey around Brisbane! 🌏
#thisisbrisbane #brisbanegreeters #visitbrisbane
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It’s the city that invented Ribenna, home of the most famous pirate who ever existed and world’s biggest manufacturer of hot air balloons. Come and discover this city in the most unique way with a true local ‘Bristolian’.


burgasBurgas is the second largest city at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
Our city is famous for our artists and festivals, where close around the city we have some beautiful lakes with abundant bird life. The contrast will surprise you!


Calcutta is so much more than ‘just another’ huge Asian city! Our Greeters just love this city with its’ millions of inhabitants. Because we know where you can find rest, peace of mind. We know where to find some great places to have a healthy meal with the people that live here.


The Greeters of the Pays de Charleroi welcome you!
This multifaceted region combines the largest metropolis in Wallonia and a vast green landscape of unimaginable beauty, intense history and a countryside of traditions. Charleroi offers all the benefits of a large city: its hotels, shopping centres and major museums, especially the largest Photography museum in Europe.
The region has recognised “UNESCO World Heritage” sites: the belfry of Charleroi, the Bois du Cazier, not to mention immaterial world heritage: the Marche La Madeleine.
The Charleroi Greeters welcome you to share their passion for the city/province during an authentic, genuine and free encounter.


Chartres GreetersChartres embarks on the Greeter adventure!
Come discover Chartres with people who are in love with this beautiful city, visit the places they enjoy.
The watchwords during these walks are: sharing, exchange and enjoyment.
At the end of the walk, you will see Chartres in a new light, beyond its famous cathedral and medieval city.


Darmstadt Greeters
See our city of science, with international institutions, significant schools and universities with the eyes of Darmstadt Greeters. Also, it may soon become part of the UNESCO world heritage sites, given its status as an Art Nouveau city, with its Art Nouveau historic district.
Darmstadt prides itself on being a green city.  Being close to the Odenwald and the Bergstaße, Darmstadt offers tremendous hiking opportunities.
The Darmstadt Greeters would be happy to introduce you to their city.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Darmstadt Greets are offered in German and English, contact us to find out more.


Delhi is perhaps the only city in India which has preserved its historic roots despite becoming a commercial metropolitan.
From the Red fort to Chandni Chowk, from Humayun’s tomb to the Qutub Minar – you will be transported back in time whenever you are in one of these historic complexes.

Den Haag

The Hague, international city of Peace and Justice, has so much to offer!
If you are visiting The Netherlands, you shouldn’t forget to pay The Hague a visit. We as well have the famous Dutch canals and their old patrician houses (and yes, you can have a canal boat trip in The Hague as well).


Denver Greeters - Denver SkylineDenver Greeter invites you to discover the Mile High City and Colorado, home to seven professional sports teams, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Sand Dunes, 30 natural hot springs, and 58 fourteeners. Colorado is a magnet for adventure seekers as it offers the country’s best skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing. Return to Denver for its art, music, food, and shopping. With over 300 days of sunshine annually and low humidity, Denver is a great place to visit, any time.

France Greeters: [Journée Mondiale du #Bénévolat

[Journée Mondiale du #Bénévolat] MERCI à tous les #greeters de votre engagement en faveur de l’accueil de nos visiteurs. Continuez de faire découvrir avec passion votre quotidien et votre vision du monde…
Pour en savoir plus lisez l’article 🗞 :
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FreiburgIf you not have been in Freiburg you missed something. Here, in the very South-West of Germany, influences of many eras, peoples and regions mix. The unhurried way of living in Baden and the French savoir-vivre are building a sympathic connection. Architecturally, culturally and historically, Freiburg has much to offer. Enjoyment and ecology have a high priority here. Add to this the attractive location in the Upper Rhine Valley on the edge of the Black Forest. Due to a comfortable climatic situation, here spring begins earlier and autumn starts later than in most corners of Germany. The greeters show you their city away from the touristic hot spots because even in other places there is much to discover. Exciting impressions and little stories await you on a very personal walk with your new friends in this beautiful city.


Fulda Greeters – Baroque town Fulda is full of hospitable people and rich of points of interest. Located in the heart of Germany it is a popular destination. During your Greet you will face numerous sights: the imposing Cathedral, pictorial Old Town and the Residence. Even off the beaten tracks you will find interesting spots. Frame houses, hidden gems, flourishing gardens and parks, handicraft business, courtyards, restaurants und cafés will invite you to stay.


Welcome to Gothenburg, a city on the Swedish west coast at the mouth of Göta river and just inside a marvelous archipelago. Gothenburg was founded in 1621 and through the years has grown to a city with 550 000 inhabitants; the second largest city in Sweden.

Greeters Le Havre, 2018-10-29: Accueil ce weekend d’une fa…

Accueil ce weekend d’une famille par notre greeter Claude 😊
Quel défi de faire découvrir le centre ville à une famille avec deux jeunes enfants par plein vent ! 💨
🚿 “La douche” de l’Art Hôtel (ascenseur décoré comme une douche) les a ravis et a mis du piquant à la visite !
Voici une photo souvenir de l’accueil par notre greeter Claude dans l’ascenseur original de l’Art Hôtel ⬇️
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Greeters Le Havre: couple parisienne

Aujourd’hui, l’un de nos greeters Marc, nous raconte sa dernière rencontre pour cette année 2018 avec un couple très sympathique venant de la région parisienne 🙂
Il leur a fait découverir l’Eglise Saint Joseph, le Muma, la Rue de Paris, Niemeyer avec un arrêt la maison du patrimoine pour réserver une visite de l’appartement témoin, la place de l’Hôtel de Ville puis pour finir le quartier St François chez Daniel Lecompte et son musée de la coiffure, lieu insolite 💇‍♂️
Voici quelques photos souvenirs de leur découverte au Havre ⬇️
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Hamburg-Greeter, 2018-10-29: Durch den alten Elbtunnel w…

Durch den alten Elbtunnel
waren schon mehrmals in Hamburg, jedoch sind wir bisher noch nie durch den alten Elbtunnel gelaufen bzw. gefahren. Auch wollten wir uns das Hafengebiet auf der anderen Elbseite anschauen. Auf der Suche nach einer Führung mit dem Fahrrad durch das Gebiet stießen wir auf die Hamburg Greeter. Peter ist auf unsere Wünsche eingegangen und hat eine interessante Tour zusammengestellt. Start war an der Elbphilharmonie. Wir fuhren zu den Landungsbrücken und durch den alten Elbtunnel. Ohne Peter hätten wir nicht auf die ganzen Kleinigkeiten geachtet. Auch haben wir viel Interessantes bei einem Blick auf Hamburgs Sehenswürdigkeiten und bei der Fahrt entlang des Containerhafens erfahren. Dann ging es über die Elbbrücken in die Hafencity. Kaffee und Kuchen gab´s in der Oberhafen-Kantine – ein altes Gebäude, das wir allein nie gefunden hätten. Auch in der Speicherstadt haben wir noch Neues erfahren. Vielen Dank an Peter für die tolle Tour.
Du möchtest Hamburg durch die Augen eines Hamburgers kennen lernen? Melde Dich für einen Rundgang mit den ehrenamtlichen Hamburg-Greetern an: Mitglied im
#greeter #hamburg #hamburggreeter #hamburg_greeter
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Hamburg-Greeter: Es war sensationell

Es war sensationell mit unserer Greeterin Hanne!!!
Hanne, unsere Greeterin, führte uns zu vielen Plätzen hin.
Michel, Elbtunnel, Landungsbrücken, dazwischen ein Fischbrötchen verdrücken.
Mit der Fähre zur Elbphilharmonie. Welch ein Ausblick – schön wie nie.
Teekunde im Messmer-Haus diente uns zum Wärmen.
Mei, wir könnten heute noch davon schwärmen.
In der Kaffeerösterei gab’s 1 Stück Kuchen für alle drei.
So war noch Platz für die Wurst- und Glühwein-Genießerei.
Dunkel war es dann schon lange. Es war sensationell mit unserer Greeterin Hanne.
Du möchtest Hamburg durch die Augen eines Hamburgers kennen lernen? Melde Dich für einen Rundgang mit den ehrenamtlichen Hamburg-Greetern an: Member of The Global Greeter Network
#greeter #hamburg #hamburggreeter #hamburg_greeter
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Hamburg: Scavenger hunt

Hamburg Greeters - Scavenger huntHamburg Greeters organize a scavenger hunt through Hamburg city center for the public.
Each group will consist of 4 to 8 members, depending on the total number of attendees. Each group will be given a city map and a set of questions, divided into 7 sections for different parts of the city center. The questions are related to Hamburg’s history, architecture and famous citizens of past and present.
It will take about three hours until the first groups will arrive for a final meeting at a certain garden pub.

Date/Time: 2017-09-15, 2 pm



Hanoi GreetersHanoi is a multi-layered millefeunille of a city, built layer upon layer of history. Its triangular core of tightly packed shop houses locked in by rivers and lakes, contrasts with the gracious, broad leafy avenues, elaborate villas and ostentatious government buildings of French colonial era and the sleek new towers that have shot up in the past decades.
But what uniquely sets Hanoi apart from other Asian, or for that matter, Indochinese cities such as Vientiane, Phonom penh or even Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon), is how openly yet discretely it displays its past, like a dowager wearing old lace, exposing a few old bones here and there in the form of its most venerable, often quietly tucked-away temples and pagodas.
Let a friendly, knowledgeable local give you an insider’s orientation to Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam!


Helsingborg is situated in the south part of Sweden and the region has a large diversity and the distances are short. You´ll find great nature reserves, international recognized hiking trails and Swedens first national tourist bicycle route starts here in Helsingborg.


Want to find out what the locals love about Helsinki?
Do you want to get familiar with historical architecture, have a picnic in the sunniest park there is, go on a hike in the nearby forest, visit the beautiful archipelago with its idyllic islands or just sit down and enjoy a drink in one of the most popular bars?


Hoegaarden Greeters

Although we are one of the smallest villages in Belgium, the Hoegaarden Beer is famous around the world.
In the 18th century our village counted 40 breweries.   Our greeters can tell you all about it.
But there is much more… all the hidden treasures… nice places…   natural and agricultural landscapes… and all the unwritten stories.
Come, taste and experience it yourself.
We are looking forward to welcome you. Cheers !


We invite you to discover Houston, a city that melds many personalities – space travel and trail rides, five-star restaurants and taquerias, Fortune 500 headquarters and lemonade stands, professional sports and walking trails – into a thriving metropolis.

Kassel Greeter

Unsere Greeter Anja und Elmar machten dieses Wochenende einen schönen, sonnigen Greet durch die Kasseler Innenstadt. Die beiden schicken ein Foto von einer kurzen Verschnaufpause mit Blick auf die Martinskirche während dieses anregenden und entspannten Greets mit zwei sehr netten Gästen aus Osnabrück.
Kassel Greeter e. V. is member of The Global Greeter Network
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kiev pic
Kiev/Kyiv is the capital of culture, history, art, industry, business, politics, education, science.
In Kiev/Kyiv all treasures of the different epochs are combined in the best way and you will feel them by walking around our streets.

You can be sure our city doesn’t leave you without emotions.


As one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in East Africa, Rwanda’s rich heritage, culture and natural resources offer a full range of travel experiences including eco-tourism site that are both dynamic and sustainable. The experiences for travelers are not simply the amazing National museums, Arts Crafts but include local foods and drinks, remarkable Genocide memorial areas, Volcano National Park including tracking Mountain Gorilla, Canopy walk, climbing mount kigali and sports.


Kyoto GreetersKyoto is Japan’s old capital, where is still now the cultural center of Japan.
We have 17 world heritages and much more beautiful traditional places.
If you would like to feel traditional atmosphere, cultures and customs, Kyoto is the best choice of visit without any doubt.
Kyoto Greeter consists only of university students who live in Kyoto or near Kyoto.
We are not a professional guide, so we can’t offer you a perfect guide service. However, as a ‘greeter’, we will spend several hours with you following your plan as a ‘local friend’ in Kyoto to let you know more of our city, local cultures and customs.

Kyoto Greeters: Hello, I am…

【19th November 】
Hello, I’m Momoe from Kyoto🍂
I had a wonderful time with the guest from Israel 🇮🇱
We visited Arashiyama & Kinkakuji Temple.
In Tenryuji Temple, the world heritage site in Arashiyama, we enjoyed the autumn leaves with Japanese garden.
Thank you for choosing us and having splendid time! תודה😊
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La Baule

Greeters La BauleRanked amongst the most beautiful bays in the world, the 9km of golden sands of the bay of La Baule Escoublac offers a playground on an amazing scale. Above and beyond the beach our Greeters like nothing better than to share with you their love and enthusiasm for our town and its surrounding area. They are just waiting give you an insight into the many treasures, their ‘secret places’ and anecdotes…

La Creuse

In the heart of France, this area is rich in unspoiled nature, a protected environment where our Greeters invite you to discover its treasures: the beautiful Valley of the Impressionist Painters, Aubusson tapestry classified, Heritage Unesco intangible, gastronomy .

Le Havre

In July 2005, the UNESCO organisation gave Le Havre centre, rebuilt by Auguste Perret, the World Heritage status. Perret succeeded in bringing together classical tradition and a strong willing to build modern style, to reinvent on 133 hectares, a unique city where architecture is readable, light harmonious and strongly innovative. Ask a greeter to welcome you there.


Mainz GreetersMainz, that is the city of Gutenberg, historical Roman city and young university town, Great Wine Capital together with the region Rheinhessen, cathedral city, hotspot of carnival and creative start-up city. Mainz is diverse, just like our greets. We love our city and hope, you will go home as a Mainz enthusiast!


Have you ever wanted to see a European city that is arranged in squares?
The Mannheim Greeters are waiting to show you their Squares that stretch from the river Neckar to Europe’s second largest baroque palace after Versailles that nowadays accommodatesthe Mannheim University.


Milan is one of the biggest cities in Italy, capital of high-quality furniture and interior design industry.

Milan is widely regarded as a global capital in industrial design, fashion and architecture.[124] In the 1950s and 60s, as the main industrial centre of Italy and one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, Milan became a world capital of design and architecture. There was such a revolutionary change that Milan’s fashion exports accounted for $726 million in 1952, and by 1955 that number grew to $2.5 billion. Modern skyscrapers, such as the Pirelli Tower and the Torre Velasca were built, and artists such as Bruno Munari, Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani and Piero Manzoni gathered in the city. Today, Milan is still particularly well known for its high-quality furniture and interior design industry. The city is home to FieraMilano, Europe’s largest permanent trade exhibition, and Salone Internazionale del Mobile, one of the most prestigious international furniture and design fairs.

Milan Greeters, 2018-10-28: A good “expresso” and a cup…

A good “expresso” and a cup of tea with a delicious pastry “cannoncino” is a nice break in your free walk in Milan. Here Damse from Belgium and Greeter Dino #milano #hostel #hostelworld #universitastataledimilano #iulmuniversity #bocconiuniversity #milan #visitmilano #igersitalia #igersmilano #ig_italia #ig_milano #inlombardia #greeters# #belgium #igersbelgium #ig_belgium #antwerp #mechelen #igersantwerp #bruxelles #airbnb
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Minsk Greeters | Global Greeter NetworkMinsk Greeters show you their Minsk: old and modern, quiet and vibrant, urban and full of green, classical and creative
Since ancient times Minsk stands on the crossroads of great ways and tolerantly welcomes guests.
Minsk is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Belarus, situated on the Svislach and Nyamiha rivers. It is the administrative centre of the Commonwealth of Independent States. As the national capital, Minsk has a special administrative status in Belarus.
The earliest historical references to Minsk date to the 11th century (1067), when it was noted as a provincial city within the principality of Polotsk. The settlement developed on the rivers. In 1242, Minsk became a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It received town privileges in 1499.
We will also host the 2019 European Games!

MinskGreeters: Indian guests…

Despite there are 1.3 billion people in India, Manish and Raj are our first guest from this country.
It is amazing but before meeting with these wonderful guys I didn’t know about a very good Indian restaurant “Taj” which cuisine was highly appreciated by the natives👍
#explorethecity #minsk #minskgreeters #greeternotes #globalgreeternetwork #india
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The best way to get to know Moscow is through the eyes of a resident.
But if you’re new to the city and are only visiting a short while, it is possible to meet someone who will take you off the beaten path to show you the real Moscow?


Mumbai, also known as Bombay, is a crowded city. And if you know your way around, it is one of the most beautiful cities you can imagine.
Of course you have to know your way around, well this is where Mumbai Greeters is getting into the picture!


Keen to get off the beaten track and explore Nancy’s hidden secrets?
Nancy Greeters will show you the numerous faces of our beautiful city, known for its UNESCO world heritage thanks to the famous Place Stanislas, and as a main center for Art Nouveau (Modern Style).


Greeters NantesThe Nantes Greeters, inhabitants of Nantes and surrounding area, who love the place they live in, are open to other cultures, of all ages and backgrounds, are volunteering to give up some of their spare time to meet with you and show you round the town and the surrounding area, depending on your interests and tastes.


Nashville GreetersCome experience Nashville, a city where music is inspired, created, recorded, and performed. Beyond the Music City reputation, Nashville is home to award-winning chefs and restaurants, historical attractions, unique and diverse neighborhoods, and so much more!


Nice, an authentic city bubbling with excitement…
Find out more from a Greeter about the different aspects of the city : everyday life, local cooking, parks and gardens, new projects, particularly in the field of sustainable development…


Niš, as a multicultural town, offers a varietyof things to see. It is a place where the old clashes with the new, the place where the Orient meets the Roman culture, where you can roam through the old, authentic, cobbled streets, visit a countless number of kafanas and have a sip of a well-known Serbian drink (rakia).

Nord Region

Greeters LilleThe north of France is shaped by history. Most historical periods are still readable in landscapes. Incomparable cathedrals spring out in the scenery mixed with royal residencies or remembering spots from first world war..
Lille, in flander county, a region criss-crossed by numerous canals and spotted by wind mills, is a city with au rich cultural heritage and a marvelous “Beaux Arts” Museum. Flamish architecture is also everywhere in Artois county. Ask greeters to let you discover all these marvels.


Orleans is one of the oldest cities in France. Located on the banks of the Loire between Beauce and Gatinais, Forêt d’Orléans and Etangs de Sologne, it combines a prestigious environment with an history rich of events.
Through the passionate eyes of Orleans, discover the little story, that of everyday …


oststeiermarkOststeiermark region is a rural area where you find green hills, woods, many orchards with fruits like apples, pears, peaches, apricots, and vineyards, fields with pumpkins. Lots of small historical villages and towns, but most of all enthusiastic Greeters!


The Paris Greeters are volunteer ambassadors of their city.
They have the passionate desire to show it to visitors from all over the world. They offer them free walks around Paris and its surrounding districts. Meetings between local residents and visitors are based upon a shared experience and mutual discovery of one another and their respective cultures.


Greeters Pas-de-Calais“Greeters made in Pas-de-Calais” is an initiative of the Pas-de-Calais Tourist Board, based on a concept from New York ”the Big Apple Greeters”, who offer tourists the opportunity to meet with a local inhabitant who shows him around and speaks to him about “his” neighbourhood, “his” town

Pays des Herbiers

Stroll through the villages and alleys or take secular hollow paths, then traverse verdant and undulating landscapes typical of the bocage and finally discover an heritage in many facets. Castles and windmills played their role during the Vendée Wars, but also an industrial heritage inherited from the early twentieth century makes the identity and landscape of the Pays des Herbiers, lands of Puy du Fou®


Politiker Greeters
As a roman Capital or a university city, Poitiers can claim for 2000 years of histoiry written and woven in its current landscape. Bathed with two rivers, ‘le Clain’ and ‘la Boivre’, the Poitiers headland welcome its visitors in an historical center full of character. The green of its valeys, parks and gardens, its market places and lively crowd come to light along streets and pathes. The city, its districts and environments come to the eyes of people taking time to discover them… with a greeter for sure!


Rennes, Brittany’s capital, the iodeal place for your next short stay!
Among the attractions of this dynamic, lively city are a rich and diverse architectural heritage, charming mediaeval streets, a large pedestrian area perfect for a stroll, the quality and variety of its shops and the conviviality of its many restaurants. Rennes, have a lot of facets to show.

Sélestat Alsace

Town of traditions, humanist city ; with its discreet charm and its exceptional heritage, Sélestat will amaze you. Bound to its customs an regional roots, this town fascinates the visitors at very first sight tanks to its own history which unveils at each street corner over the different seasons.


shanghaiShanghai is a city that is constantly changing and will often catch you off guard. The history of the city is enchanting and breathtaking. Its blooming opportunities have mesmerized businessmen, merchants and expats from all over the world.


You can choose to visit some of the more historical sites in our city – or you we can go from the beaten path and walk along the Via Francigena to discover old castles, abbeys, ancient baths and maybe most of all the typical Tuscanstories that are part of our lives!


sofiaSofia is a mystery full of extreme contrasts. In order for you to conquer Sofia, the capital of the cyrillic alphabet, and get to know its lively citizens within a short stay, you would either need the help of a friend or the free advice of an open-minded local… so get a greeter!


Founded in 915 BC as “Stuotgarten”. 1519 described as “Stuttgart – the name the swabian people gave to paradise” by Ulrich von Hutten. Today: Big city, surrounded by forests and vines, located in a valley basin, cosmopolitan, well connected.

Sydney Greeters, 2018-10-23: Mark met Katie from Berlin

On 16 October 2018, our greeter Mark met with Katia from Berlin on her first day in Sydney. Katia had previously experienced a greet in New York and had found it a very good way of getting the local feel of a city.
They caught a ferry from Pyrmont Bay to Watsons Bay. With a route that stops at Barangaroo, Balmain East, McMahons Point, Milsons Point, Circular Quay and Rose Bay, this ferry trip provides a great tour of the Harbour. Upon arriving at Watsons Bay, they followed the loop track of the South Head Heritage Trail up to the Hornby Lighthouse and the spectacular sea cliffs that offer great views across to Middle Head and North Head. They then had fish and chips for lunch at Doyle’s Takeaway on the Watson Bay wharf before catching a bus out to Bondi Beach. They ended their Bondi visit with a coffee at the Icebergs, taking in the sweeping views north back up the beach.
They then caught a bus heading back to the city. The greet finished at Paddington where Katia left the bus to explore some of the great examples of Victorian architecture – particularly the terrace houses – for which the area is renowned.

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Sydney Greeters, 2018-10-25: Avy from The Philippines

Avy from The Philippines was keen to see some street art on her whirlwind tour of Sydney. Greeter Lyn showed her a selection of murals and graffiti art in St Peters and Newtown and later they feasted on some of Sydney’s best Thai food at Thai Photong in King Street. After dinner, they travelled back to the city for a gelato and night tour of The Rocks and Observatory Hill.

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Sydney Greeters, 2018-10-26: Today’s report is from our …

Today’s report is from our greeter Peter M.
“On Friday I finally caught up with Lori, Cody, Jake and Colie from New York – the state not the city.
This was after the confusion caused by cancelled flights, very late arrival, missed trains and lousy internet connection, but hey, they were all out for a good time and that was had in spades.
After some discussion around the small jar of vegemite they had bought a tasting session was held in the dining room at the YHA where they were staying.
The decision was then made to do the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi. So, with a small sense of adventure, we set out on a bus ride from Circular Quay to Coogee Beach. On the bus, we compared lifestyles and they learnt some Aussie slang and sayings.
With all the laughter I think the other passengers thought we were all mad.
The walk generated many, many photos and Instagram posts together with lots of oohs and aahs and more laughter.
We had a break at Bronte for refreshments and continued onto Bondi where I left them to wander around and work out where they were going to have dinner.
A very successful greet with a great family.
By the way, the vegemite was left in the kitchen at the YHA. The Global Greeter Network #SydneyGreeters
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Sydney Greeters, 2018-10-31: Three ladies from Seattle

This week our greeter Bruce met three ladies from Seattle, Vicky, Debbie and Anne.
“It was a picture perfect day and we spent some time walking around Barangaroo before taking the ferry from Pyrmont to Circular Quay and then across to Many.
Coffee on the beach and lunch on Manly Pier before heading back into town.”
#Sydneygreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters, 2018-11-12: Guests from Canada

Today’s report is from greeter, Martina
“I spent the afternoon today with Krystal and Kim Mah from Edmonton in Canada. Their special interest was parks, gardens and plants. Apart from the usual attractions, we went to flesh-eating plants display at Calyx in Botanic Gardens and Wendy Whiteley’s garden in Lavender Bay.
They showed great interest and enthusiasm and it was a delight to be with them.
Highly recommend Calyx display and its knowledgeable volunteer guides.” #Sydneygreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters, 2018-11-21: Last weekend

Last weekend Sydney Greeters had a greet themselves given by fellow member Joanne. Joanne showed us all around her special little part of Sydney on Dangar Island. These events give us a chance to exchange ideas and learn from each other while strengthening friendships and having fun at the same time! #sydneygreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: Brie from Texas

Brie from Texas joined Sydney Greeter Lyn for a tour of The Rocks and a walk over the Harbour Bridge on Sunday. Later they hopped on a ferry back to the city and visited Lyn’s favourite underground bar. The traditional Irish band was great as were their Aussie themed cocktails .. a Flamin’ Galah and Bushmaster Sour! #Sydenygreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: Dawn and Glen from Queensland

Dawn and Glen from Queensland were keen to explore The Rocks with our greeter Lyn and to walk across the Harbour Bridge. Glen had visited Luna Park as a boy and was amazed to find that the quirkiness and rides he remembered from his Coney Island experience back then were well maintained and exactly the same today. They were also delighted by the Lavender Bay Peter Kingston walkway displaying various 1950’s Australian cartoon and book character sculptures. A walk through Wendy Whiteley’s beautiful garden and a cold drink at the Kirribilli Club topped off the greet. #Sydneygreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: During Busy holiday season

During our busy holiday season Greeter Paula had two solo travelling guests combine on Dec 28 to give them both the chance to experience a greet.
“I met Alex from Switzerland and Kathy from San Fransisco at the QVB on a sweltering day, and we set off to explore the CBD and The Rocks. Despite the heat, we had a fun time and covered quite a bit of ground. After seeing all the harbours top spots, we jumped on a train to Newtown to check out some street art and escape the heat in a local pub. #SydneyGreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: Greeter Paula on tour

Greeter Paula started the year sharing a lovely day with Laura, Meghan and Carla from Chicago. The group explored Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay before heading down to Woolloomooloo for a pie at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels and walking back to Circular Quay via the Botanic Gardens. A few cocktails were required to provide sustenance on such a hot Sydney day. #SydneyGreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: Israelian visitors

On 21 November 2018, Greeter Mark met Laurel and Miles Rubin from Haifa, Israel at Circular Quay on a cloudy but pleasant Sydney morning.
Laurel has been a greeter back home in Haifa for the past few years and this was her first time on the other side of a greet.
They took the ferry across to Taronga and commenced a 6km walk through Sydney Harbour National Park, passing around Bradleys Head, Taylors Bay and Clifton Gardens. At Georges Head, they stopped to take in what is possibly the best panoramic view of the Harbour as well as exploring the historic underground tunnels built by the defence forces.
They continued on to Balmoral where they had a pleasant lunch at The Boathouse, sitting outside on the deck with views out over the beach. After catching a bus back into the city, they said their goodbyes.
Mark found Laurel and Miles to be a warm and engaging couple who shared lots of interesting and informative insights into life back home in Israel.
#sydneygreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: Jochen from Germany

Jochen from Germany spent a hot and windy Sunday afternoon with greeter Michele. First stop was Paddy’s Market, soaking up the atmosphere of the fruit sellers, looking at iconic Ugg boots and trying on a kangaroo skin hat. Also a visit to a Chinese Herbalist near Chinatown was fascinating to see. Next was a train trip to Kings Cross for a stroll down the main street. Jochen had been to The Cross some years earlier and was keen to see how, if anything, has changed. Then a short train trip back Martin Place to see the Tank Stream exhibit under the GPO and the Birdcages in Angel Place, before walking down to Circular Quay for an ice cream and ferry ride back to Darling Harbour. #SydneyGreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: Last Saturday

Last Saturday, Sydney Greeter Michele spent a lovely afternoon with Laura from Canada. Laura had only arrived in Sydney that morning, and was enjoying a taste of Sydney Spring weather having left Ottawa at -20 deg C!
“We met at St Andrews Cathedral and walked through the QVB, admiring the majestic Christmas tree under the glass dome, and also intrigued by the very ornate looking Santa’s Cave. We then headed to Pitt Street Mall, a short visit to the lovely old Strand Arcade before heading up King Street to Hyde Park. We were lucky there wasn’t a wedding in St Mary’s Cathedral so got the chance to go inside and admire the “gothic revival” style architecture and beautiful stained glass windows. Laura was keen to visit Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for the magnificent harbour view. We then walked around to the Opera House and stopped to watch an indigenous dance group before heading to the MCA for a cuppa in the 4th-floor cafeteria. Laura has experienced Greets in other countries and really appreciates the personal touch we bring to her holiday.” #Sydneygreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: Lyn and her guest Claudette…

Lyn and her guest Claudette from India really enjoyed their visit to William Wentworth’s historic Vaucluse House followed by the Coastal Cliff Walk to Watsons Bay where they dined by the water. After experiencing all types of weather conditions from sunshine through to a hailstorm (even a double rainbow over The Gap), they ended up at St Mary’s cathedral for the Christmas light projections. #sydneygreeters #ilovesydney The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: On a summer scorcher…

On a summer scorcher, Lyn and guests Kelly and Lyle from Baltimore explored Kings Cross and the Eastern ‘Bays’. They hugged the harbour along Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay and Double Bay, stopping for a Frozè (frozen rosè) at The Cruising Yacht Club (Lyle opted for a local brew). They relaxed while the cricket was broadcast on the big screen and checked out the tracker which monitors the progress of the boats competing in the Sydney to Hobart Classic. After all that, they needed to cool off at the Murray Rose harbour pool before heading back to the city on the ferry. At the end of their trek, they visited one of Sydney’s oldest pubs, the Lord Nelson, before parting after a great day. #SydneyGreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: On a sunny afternoon

On a sunny afternoon in mid-December greeter Nick met Pilar and Cesar visiting from the US. Starting at Circular Quay, they enjoyed a stroll around the harbour before heading through the Botanic Gardens to the art gallery and the historic precinct of Macquarie Street, finishing with the clever Christmas decorations in George Street. Our visitors especially loved hearing about the unique Australian plants found in the gardens and were amazed at the variety of speakers in Speakers Corner at the Domain. A cool drink at the art gallery café was very welcome on the warm summer afternoon. #SydneyGreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Sydney Greeters: report from Joanne …

Another report from Joanne
“Thamer and his family from California were lucky to arrive in Sydney after the torrential rain. Lucky for us, the weather cleared and we had a lovely day exploring Sydney along The Tank Stream, taking in little lane ways not known by many Sydneysiders.
A ferry to Watson’s Bay where we enjoyed delicious fish and chips and a walk to The Gap was followed by a bus to Bondi. A great overview of Sydney”
#SydneyGreeters The Global Greeter Network
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Tehran GreetersTehran is the capital city of our unique Iran and beating heart of this grand country, we, greeters of Tehran want to show the real Tehran to the world. Iranian is famous for their hospitality, wide hospitality that is difficult to imagine. We accompany you in this metropolitan area with our Iranian culture of hospitality.
Our Tehran can attractive you with its history, each corner of old Tehran is full of memory from 1796, can engage you with its old bazaar, carpet lovers know what I mean! Tehran can keep you satisfied with delicious dishes, to eat or not to eat is not the question, modern or traditional, that is the question and finally, Tehran keeps you calm with its skirts, in the north Alborz mountain range and in the south Rey plain.
We love our Tehran and will help you to find the love of this Middle Eastern metropolis.


Why don’t you walk through Tokyo with us?
It is the best way to see Tokyo as we Tokyoites do.
Along the way you will pass through beautifully landscaped gardens, ancient temples and shrines, bustling shopping arcades and open air markets, crowded business districts and quiet residential streets.
You will be surrounded by traditional architecture and tall gleaming skyscrapers of glass and steel. Thousands of restaurants beckon with neon signs and paper lanterns.
Smiles are everywhere, excitement is in the air and a surprise waits around every corner.


Toulouse GreetersAs an active and modern city, Toulouse is known as the « tiny Barcelone » by its 90 000 students that represent a fourth of its population. The town has a high reputation for its inborn taste to party. From Spain, it takes long “apperitif” time with tapas taken ‘en terrasse”, naps in sunny parks, festive and friendly lunches and musical and artistic festivals. Greeters will help you to discover and choose among all the different aspect and programs offered by the city.


Not everyone knows Turin was the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy! And we are NOT just an industrial city, famous as the traditional centre of Italian car manufacture. We are much more!
Maybe you have already heard about Turin, because we hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Vallée de Munster

The Valley of Munster is a mountain community of 16 towns and villages over an area of 30 square kilometers.
The valley is located in the northeast of France, in Alsace,and is situated 18 kilometers from Colmar, Frédéric Bartholdi’s hometown, and 64 kilometers from Strasbourg, the European Capital.


Greeters Var-Provence, Toulon
Come and discover Toulon and provencal villages around. Live a while as a kid of the bay “minot de la rade”, or as a “fada de Besagne”, (son of Besagne, a local) ! Come and walk on the Rugby Club legends avenue, meet us to share culture, culinary specialties or to contemplate gorgeous sceneries.
Var Provence greeters will welcome you and will be more than happy to show you their favorite spots.


Versailles: a worldwide known Palace… Did you know Versailles is not only the Sun King city but an example of French traditions and refinement?
The historic ‘old’ town is where you will learn about the French Revolution that started in the real royal Tennis Court.


Greeters Vranje Serbia

Vranje is a historically and culturally important city located in the Pcinja District in southeast Serbia.

The city is home to many of the country’s oldest and most significant historical monuments and religious buildings, including Prohor Pcinjski Monastery, Pasha’s house, White bridge and Holy Trinity church.


Located on England’s South Coast just 80 minutes from London by train, the historic town of Worthing makes the perfect base for exploring wider Sussex including Arundel Castle, Brighton and Chichester.
Situated between the sea and the famous South Downs National Park, Worthing offers accommodation to suit all needs and pockets. Cycling, walking and water sports fans will love Worthings outdoor offer. Whilst culture junkies can take in a show at one of our internationally acclaimed theatres or vintage cinema, visit the Museum or one of our quirky beach hut grt galleries.


WuppertalThe city of Wuppertal is usually connected to the suspension railway, but our city has a lot more to offer.! A city with numerous viewpoints due to the north and south heights. So it’s not surprising if you have to walk stairs from time to time, which all have their own names, by the way (for example Holsteiner stairs) ;). With a greeter, you will get to know very special corners of the city such as the Arab quarter, the alternative district Utopia city or perhaps the best cheesecake in the city? Find it out on your next Greet!