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Global Greeter Network in 5 points

  • What

    GGN is a worldwide non profit organisation of Greeters destinations

  • Where

    Destinations around the world offer personal, private walks with locals through cities for visitors

  • How

    Every single GGN Destination offers its city walks totally for free

  • Who

    Local volunteers offer the walks for single tourists and small groups up to six people

  • Why

    Greeters want to be a friendly face for those visiting a city/destination

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5 hours ago

The Global Greeter Network

Ms. Rosalia Moffa from Italy sent a message to TG office. She and her family had a tour with a greeter in Tokyo.

“Miss Sue was really nice, and her preparation of the tour was excellent. I asked for visiting Yanaka and Ueno and she organized a nice tour to satisfy my requests. She also proposed us to visit some interesting spots, like the traditional house of a famous Japanese sculptor. We really enjoyed.” (January 12, 2018)
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10 hours ago

The Global Greeter Network

Andrea met Junko, a Tokyo Greeter, and her husband, Yuzuru, at their accommodation near Martin Place on Thursday, the 22nd of March.
Together they explored the city treasures, beginning with our important Foundation Park, progressing to the 4th floor in The MCA, Customs House, all around The Opera House, (pointing out the regular Badu Gili display at 9 pm), further by train to Town Hall, where they enjoyed a most delicious fresh lunch outside the Queen Victoria Building. After discussing their options for the next two days, they walked along Pitt St. Mall, through The Strand Arcade and downstairs inside The Old Martin Place Post Office, to inspect part of the Tank Stream left-overs. Songbirds lured them to Angel Place, where swinging cages reminded them of previous happy sounds.
Andrea and the visitors met at night at a Kings Cross Pub, to enjoy an authentic Aussie meal and do some people watching of a different kind. #SydneyGreeters #IloveSydney
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10 hours ago

The Global Greeter Network

Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter...
Wir hatten einen tollen und unterhaltsamen Greet mit Gert!
Vom ZOB ging es über die Landungsbrücken in den Elbtunnel, um einen tollen Blick auf Hamburg „von der anderen Seite“ zu erhaschen. Weiter ging es trotz leichtem Regen Richtung Speicherstadt, zurück zum Michel, etc. Wir haben Ecken und Gassen entdeckt, die wir ohne Gert nie gesehen hätten, tausend Dank hierfür!!
Nach einem leckeren Kaffee haben sich unsere Wege dann nach knapp 3,5 Stunden getrennt.

Du möchtest Hamburg durch die Augen eines Hamburgers kennen lernen? Melde Dich für einen Rundgang mit den ehrenamtlichen Hamburg-Greetern an: Member of The Global Greeter Network
#greeter #hamburg #hamburggreeter #hamburg_greeter
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